This is a nice mix of finishes in a 60’s home that was thoughtfully remodeled as a flip. The home had some mid-century flair, so they used walnut slab doors on almost all of the built-in furniture here. The kitchen obviously looks modern, but it is not stark. I liked the whole house for this restraint from being super trendy. The oak floors and cream wall color make it feel clean and timeless. But back to the matter at hand: the high gloss white is from a company called Stylite. This is made with a thick acrylic layer on top of mdf. Scratches are easily fixed with automotive detailing techniques (polish, buffer, etc.). Incidentally There are two companies making solid acrylic doors for cabinets, but I have not yet had a client choose this option. The price is about triple for solid vs. veneer. I do like the samples though, as they don’t have any edge banding, meaning that scoops can be routed for handles, and well… it’s just cool that they are solid plastic! Typical of our jobs is the fact that, at around $40K, the appliance package costs about as much as the cabinets. Subzero and Wolf here. You can’t go wrong with that for resale.