In the heart of Austin, TX, we installed this kitchen from Executive Cabinetry. This was the affordable option from a vendor that is now out of business, but as far as I know, Executive is still delivering their low quality product to the masses. If you are local, you will (fortunately) not be able to buy this in the area. This is not tongue in cheek sarcasm… I am fairly sure they give their employees beer breaks every hour, because the quality issues are endless. We have installed about 15 of their kitchens and this, thankfully, was the last one. The doors are inconsistent sizes, and the colors are inconsistent (we went back here 3 times trying to get the white right on her replacement doors). The hardware holes are crooked. The dovetail drawers are not square. Nothing lines up, and you’ll get a very out of square cabinet box every so often. It was always a battle to get a kitchen of theirs to look ok, and even then, we were forced to cheat with certain reveals. Now, with all that off my chest… I still love a clean white kitchen. The right way to get it though, is to order some of the newer Matte finishes with an edgeband. Luxe, Salt, Premier Eurocase, etc.. have a few white, satin options. They are all more durable than a painted finish, and are generally very consistent, so when we find a nicked door or something is warped, it is no sweat to order a new one. If modern is your thing, we are happy to discuss your project.