Cliq Studios has quite a neat business model: Bring in Chinese parts, but keep that fact on the down low, paint them in really trendy colors and undercut places like Home Depot, etc.. by 20 percent. Pro’s: cheap-ish, nice color palette, shaker door style not going anywhere, and best of all they will give you a free 3D rendering of what your new kitchen can look like. Cons: 6 week lead time, and the finish is not super durable. It has a really nice looking low sheen satin, but it showed stains and rubbing it to remove them did not go well. The construction is typical of mid-level cabinets. 1 ½” face frames with doors that overlap them by 1 ¼”. This leaves ½” reveals between cabinet doors in a particular run. The dovetail drawers are fine, and the plywood is kinda cheap, but…fine. Everything soft closes. I actually like kitchens like these, as you can usually come in around 10K for a normal person’s house and they look nice. Expect to pay 14-16K for the same thing from a local cabinet vendor. By the “same thing” I mean it in relative terms: there have to be at least 100 companies in the US making decent cabinets built in this exact same way. I believe that the level of customer service and quality of installation is what can make or break cabinets like these. We represent a Chinese line that has identical build quality, admittedly fewer colors than Cliq, but a much stronger finish. I went through several brands of RTA cabinets before landing on the company I trust for this now. I have soaked marinara and red wine on the white cabinets overnight and it comes completely off. They are also impervious to household cleaners, including acetone (nail polish remover!). With a good design and a proper installation, the value option can be a long lasting choice. Plenty of past clients with younger boys have told me they are still looking good.