This an Austin, TX job done for my favorite client in Austin. Meredith did her whole house in these moody greys, which during the remodel had me quietly wondering about her choices… but then they had us over for dinner when the place was done, and she had put primary colored art and accents throughout, which had me wondering about my choices… the house is incredible and feels very lively, much like her personality. Next on my own to do list is to freshen up my garage in a style very similar to this. The cabinetry is shaker doors made of alder. The finish is “smoke”. Alder is good at taking a stain, but is a bit soft, if that is of concern to you. There is nothing out of the norm here, cabinet wise, but I do like the Blum Aventos hinges on the upper cabinet doors. These doors lift up and out of the way as a pair allowing you to see in to the whole cabinet in one motion. The counters are a quartz impression of concrete, which reminds me… do not put concrete counters in your house! I have seen them after being sealed 8-10 times and they still absorb stains. Her choice looks more or less like the real thing and wipes right up.