I use Grey and Gray interchangeably depending on the day. Not sure why this has to be spelled with two options but I prefer the “ay” if I’m being honest. I shall write my congressperson. The Grey color shown here was discontinued between the time we ordered and the time we requested delivery. We got lucky with our timing when we found a damaged door, as one of the local stores still had a replacement in stock. This side of the duplex was a flip in Laguna Beach California, and the client rightfully wanted it to look cool without spending a ton. I love the pics that the photographer shot, and he got what he wanted when he sold it. So…win! Ikea obviously has a rep for being cheap. It is! But they have such economies of scale that cheap does not mean crap, especially when it comes to kitchens. They test the daylights out of their products, because a recall would be unbelievably expensive for them. Downsides? No custom at all, and there are only 8-10 finish options. But if you like modern and one of their current colors/finishes strikes your fancy, then I would save the money here and blow it on nice light fixtures, backsplash from Ann Sacks and a top tier quartz countertop. I like this Swedish crap so much, that after doing this kitchen and several others, I decided to cheap out on our own house. I genuinely like the simple boxes, the good hardware, and the ready to go bamboo organizers that just plop right into their standard drawer sizes. See Stone River for a description of that job. (Hint: I only used the Ikea guts, and made an all new façade with custom doors and frames.) I think the Grey/ Gray looks super nice, but I realize it’s not for everyone. They obviously didn’t sell a ton of it. They had a school bus yellow that also didn’t stick around long… We have done a few jobs that were approximately this color recently (2018) though, and in fact did one that is this exact color last week.