I would start by saying that this style is dated, but we are currently installing an antique white kitchen with a glaze on it, so what do I know? Also, don’t tell my mom, because that’s what she has. This home is in the Hollywood Hills, and had a bunch of Celebs as former owners, including Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan when they were together. I’ll admit that the finish works well with the Spanish style of the home. This is inset, custom cabinetry at its finest, and we spent a lot of time getting all the details just so. We also changed the height of the uppers to accommodate the faux beams that were added last minute. That’s how it goes sometimes when it has got to be right. There is classic trim everywhere, columns, decorative feet, etc.… it has all of the modern conveniences though, of course, including LED lights, custom drawer inserts, and a massive Subzero that had to be dragged up the steep side yard of the house. Poor guys. I’m still not sure how they did it. Speaking of heavy, though, the Rohl farmhouse sink weighs in around 160 pounds!! We added extra bracing in the bottom of that sink cabinet to support it. Make sure you have your fireclay sink on site early, as they will vary a LOT in size and need to be custom fit into the cabinetry. Pardon the odd stitches in the pics… my photographer was trying to fit it all in one shot and some of the lines didn’t… line up. My eagle eyes can’t help but go straight to those parts of the photos. For anyone who thinks traffic in Austin is bad, I’d suggest you reset your expectations by going up and down the 101 in LA a few times. It is a truly soul crushing experience, and I think this job planted a seed for our relocation to Texas. Those painful memories are behind me though, and I still love looking at this kitchen.