These are flat sawn Walnut cabinets with a Satin finish.  This house in Laguna Beach, CA is owned by one of my favorite clients ever. Diedre is an interior designer and we spent sooo much time together getting every last detail right here.  She was amazing to work with. We were like two obsessive peas in a pod. I was so busy at the time that we ended up ordering the kitchen from Omega.  This is from their full access line (frameless, not framed), and they are good, but not incredible. Omega is a premium brand, but I’ve installed at least 100 kitchens since this one and I’ve seen better.  My suggestion for a person looking for a walnut kitchen would be to go with me to a few plywood suppliers and pick out your own veneers. They don’t love this, but will allow you to flip through sheet after sheet instead of ordering it from a factory and hoping for the best.  One thing I tell every client about walnut is that it will yellow pretty quickly. When it is freshly cut it is a nice, almost gray color, but when you put a clear coat on it and expose it to UV light, it will change on you quite rapidly. Diedre’s kitchen was next to huge windows and went from cool to warm before the counters were even installed.  The veneer and plywood folks have figured this out though and I know of at least 10 suppliers that put a light treatment or wash on it to make it a little more “coastal grey” and a little less “warm cabin”. The same goes for White Oak. There are prefinished veneers now that offer a cooler color palette if that is what you are going for.