We installed this Crystal Cabinetry job on the 23rd floor of the Seaholm building in Downtown Austin, TX. I was quite excited to see this on the cover of Austin Home Magazine when I was checking out at the grocery store! The best photo I have is from two separate pages of the magazine. I don’t mind the seam because it looks so damn good. For modern jobs with this look, I try to steer people to panelized slab doors like Luxe, or similar prefinished products to keep the cost down and reduce complications that will arise when parts are damaged. If you simply must have that certain color, then a custom painted job is the only way to fly, but wait ‘til the kids are in college OK? You can’t really touch these up… Fear mongering out of the way, I will admit that Crystal was able to replace a few doors and they did actually match, but this is not always the case! Crystal and Kingwood usually nail the color consistency when dealing with damaged goods, and their finishes are smooooth. Last thing for my homies in construction: for any contractors out there reading this, you need to factor in a little “hassle” fee for high rise jobs. Time spent parking and hauling your tools up in an elevator adds up. There is good reason that construction costs in Manhattan are so high.