These photos are about 6 years old now.  This is a semi-formal shaker look showing how you can make that door style a little more decorative with applied moldings and crown, if that is your thing. White shaker is easily the safest option if you don’t know what color to get, as I am still installing a large number of these in 2019.  Note that on the upper drawers and the 4-drawer bank to the left of the oven that we shrank the width of the shaker profile.  This makes it easier to get your hands into the hardware and will ensure that the flanges on some hardware styles won’t be right up against the profile.  The arch on the range hood is just a custom order door from the door company.  The 48” Dacor oven is quite a stunner and I still remember seeing the receipt for that puppy at the jobsite:  $14,000.