Let’s go over my first “high end” contemporary kitchen. This was done about 7 years ago, not long after I struck out on my own. This was full of Wolf and Subzero appliances that had to integrate perfectly. It’s fair to say that I was “faking it ‘til I made it” when opportunity knocked. I am still a little surprised that this all lined up as well as it did on the first try! The most intense challenge at the time was the integrated Sub-zeros. To the right of the oven is a paneled 24” freezer unit, and to the left of the cooktop is 30” fridge. Forcing myself to learn CAD was a must to get this right. At the end of the day, the panel gaps are a correct 1/8”, nothing is warped or twisted, and everything opened and closed fully, without issue. The top trim is worth bringing up: We still do “flat crown” crown this way on modern jobs. The trim is scribed to the ceiling to hide changes in level. Bringing the doors all the way up to the ceiling is basically out of the question, since houses are never perfectly level, and the cabinets need to be. A little note on hardware placement is that we will shift the handles up from the middle more often these days (Each drawer here is centered, height wise.). On slab kitchens, the norm is now to put the handles down about 2-3” from the top of the drawer front. One thing I would never do again is a spice pullout in the upper cabinets. This one is hiding on the right side of the range hood and was worthless. The cabinet is 12” deep and the unit only pulls out about 9”. It would be wiser to make custom, staggered shelves in the upper cabinet itself. Imagine your spices sitting on tiny shelves that get taller towards the back.