This was one of my favorite houses this year. As is the case with most of these unfinished houses, I am lucky to get one good pic… The stained finish that Kingwood Cabinets can pull off is something that I cannot get my head around. Their colors are just soooo consistent and gorgeous. This is done by some wizard at their plant in Fredericksburg, TX (I’d recommend a visit to the showroom the next time you are out there wine tasting). A milestone happened for me at this amazing spec house. This is the fact that 10’ ceilings are just “normal” around here at this level. I used to get a little flutter of anxiety when we’d start one of these mega kitchens but now it is just another job… Whether it’s one of ours or a great vendor like Kingwood, we just pull out the laser level and get on with it! One last word is that huge slab doors WILL warp. Some of these issues can be handled by adjusting the hinges a little, but big pieces of MDF are going to do what they feel like. Include in your budget: getting used to it, paying to replace the warped ones, or using Hafele door straighteners at $100 per door, and look kind of ugly.