Here is another batch of dark iphone pics for your viewing pleasure. These were installed, but not built by, us. The house was built in the 60’s and had mid-century details all over the place. The kitchen is a custom grey painted slab and a veneered panel on the lowers. The lower veneers are a stain with a fair bit of red in the finish, but the whole look popped well and fit into the house perfectly. Not too much to say here, but the flat crown detail looks great to me when it’s done with slab doors. The only other comment, is that I would do the cabinet above the fridge differently. If you look at the pic, you can see that the right side door does not come all the way to the edge of the tall panel on the right. The correct way to do this would be to have the door mount right to the panel itself. This would require notching the actual fridge cabinet, but not a big deal if you are looking out for it. The way it was done exposed a little corner of the crown at the very top and takes away slightly from the sleek look. This is nit picking at its finest but that is what I do best!! While I’m focusing my attention on that area, I will add that there should also be a filler on the left side that is flush with the doors all the way up to the crown. This was nixed by the homeowner as it would have covered up half of the door casing. Fair enough. Building and remodeling houses is just jumping from one compromise to the next.