This is our own house in South Austin. This 1978 house was renovated by yours truly when we moved here at the beginning of 2016, I knew no one and had no shop to build cabinets in. Hmmm… how about Ikea boxes with custom doors? This is probably sacrilege as a custom cabinet maker, but I’ve always liked Ikea kitchens. I am happy to report that it’s all holding up well after 3 years. My inspiration for the design was an ad in an English design magazine with these doors (shaker with a bevel on the inner edge), and a deep, beveled frame around the perimeter of the box. I basically stole the idea wholesale and transferred it to the frameless Ikea boxes. They look somewhat like inset cabinets because in a way, they are. I have a bunch of pics of the build process… if anyone wants to see, I am happy to share. The fact that I could buy drawer organizers that dropped right into the factory drawers helped sway me to the Swedes, and the other big draw was the drawer lights they offer. They are about $40 a drawer and have a sensor that switches them on when the drawer is pulled open. This is quite a crowd-pleaser, and I have now found several resources for doing this on any cabinet, not just Ikea. The doors and drawer fronts are from Patton Cabinet Doors, here in Austin, and I painted and clear coated them myself. This is also holding up well, and the mushroom color my lovely wife picked is still quite in vogue as we start 2019. My final remark on this design is that we thought it’d be cool to not have upper cabinets, but I would not do this again. It was a lot of storage to give up just for a “look”. Finally, we have some other nice cabinets in this crib of ours, as you might expect, and I encourage any clients considering Benchmark to come see us at the house before choosing a cabinetmaker.