This one was from a now out of business vendor in Austin, that happened to use one of my personal favorite door materials. The Satin finished doors you see here are from a Spanish company called LUXE. The also do a high-gloss version of this color, along with a few whites, grays, and some odd-ball options that I doubt will ever see the light of day in this country. The finish quality is outstanding in its lack of imperfections. The material is actually a lacquer that is factory applied (painted) on whole sheets. The better door suppliers here will then use a “laser edge-bander” to apply a matching acrylic strip to the edge of the door. I wouldn’t call this bombproof, but it has proven to be a sturdy option that can stand up to normal use and the occasional wipe with a microfiber towel to keep it looking fresh. Painted slab doors have been a staple of our install business over the course of the last two years, but if you don’t need that exact color blue, gray, or whatever, then these are a much better choice. It is cheaper to buy, has better, more consistent finish, and will take minor bumps on the corners as the edge banding takes the hit first. BTW, no one wants to hear this, but the cores of all these Italian or German cabinets and doors are just MDF… the same stuff that’s inside ikea cabinets. It is the hardware, the design options, and the finishes that make them cost so much more.