We’ve done a few with this color combo and it is a fool proof choice in my opinion. Clean and acceptable to a wide audience. That was a wise choice as this was a spec build near Zilker Park in Austin, TX. If you have read any of these other little write-ups, you may have seen the word Luxe. It is a lacquered panel from Spain, and it is now pretty widely used. It was the hot new thing when this one was done a few years ago. The “before” pic shows the peel coat with Luxe written all over it and the other shot is my “after” pic. This is available in a matte finish as well, and is much cheaper than doing custom painted slab doors. This kitchen has minimalist pull tab hardware on the lower doors and the upper cabinets have a recessed bottom that is about an inch higher up than the doors. This allows them to be yanked right open, once you have lived there for a few months and figure out which side has the hinges and which doesn’t. The only other tiny detail worth bringing up is that the double oven should have been mounted flush to the cabinet instead of being “surface” mounted on a false panel. This gives a cleaner look in my opinion, when the top doors and lower door come right up to the edge of the appliance. I know why it was done this way, though… spec house. It would have been an expensive custom option on these semi-custom cabinets. A very nice kitchen in a very nice house nonetheless!